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July 14, 2013
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    As you two walked to your house, you noticed Black*Star was being quiet, really quiet. He also had this far away look in his eyes. You got a bit worried, Black*Star never acted like this.

    "So...__(F/n)__...about that kiss...does it mean anything?" Black*Star asked, his hand brushing yours. You looked at him, your face slightly tinted with pink. You never knew Black*Star would ask something as serious as that. His eyes were staring straight ahead, hope filling them. You knew you liked the blue hair idiot, he had been your best friend since you got here. 

    "O-Only if you want it to, Black*Star. You are the one who will surpass God." You said, trying to ease the tension. He chuckles slightly and stopped walking. You did the same. 

    "So, if I said I wanted to go out with you, you would say yes?" Black*Star asked with a smirk. You nodded once. Black*Star then took your hand and pulled you closer to him. He wrapped his other arm around your waist and used his other hand to cup your cheek. If you hadn't been so good at controlling your emotions, you'd be redder than a tomato.

    "__(F/n)__, you now how I'm gonna be the one to surpass God, right?" He asked, his emerald green eyes staring into your __(e/c)__ ones. You nodded again, not being able to answer with words. He smiles slightly, pulling you a little closer.
    "I can't exactly do that alone. __(F/n)__," He brought his lips to your ear, about to whisper something. "Will you be my goddess, my one and only shining star?" He whispered into your ear. You gasped slightly, surprised at him asking something like this. Then you smiled and closed your eyes, letting your hands, which where on his warm, firm chest, slide up to wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him even closer to you.

    "Yes, Black*Star. It would be an honor." You said, letting your fingers sit in his messy, blue hair. He smiled widely, wrapping his other arm around your waist, pulling you into a hug.

    "YAHOOO!!!!!" He shouted as he picked you up and spun you around. You two chuckled in happiness as Black*Star kissed you again, this time more lovingly and happy. He put you down and took your hand, then started to walk again. You smiled and walked beside him.

~*~*~*Black*Star's POV*~*~*~

    __(F/n)__ and I walked to her house, an old abandoned factory. She said she woke up there one day, when she was real young. She's been living there ever since she was 4. Lord Death tried to get her to find a more suitable place to live, but she said she was fine here.

    I've only been to her place once. She had gotten hurt in a fight with a kishin egg dude (Have no clue what they are called). She got beat up pretty badly. It was the day we had gotten into a fight.

    "So, been a while since you've been to my place, huh?" __(F/n)__ said, opening the door. I walked in after she did.

    "Yeah. It's been like a few months, right?" I asked. She nodded and flicked on the lights. The lights went on, one by one. The place was creepy as Hell on the outside, inside was even creepier. __(F/n)__ walked though a long and dark corridor (I hate those things...) to a room. It was as big as one of the classrooms at the DWMA. She had the usual things, a bed, which was huge, a dresser, desk, tv, which was huge too! She also had some training stuff and art things. 

    "So, what do you want to do?" __(F/n)__ asked me, sitting on her bed. I got and idea and sat next to her. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her close to me. She must have picked up on my idea because she kisses me, her small, warm hands resting on my chest. I kissed her back, loving how soft her lips were. She slipped her tongue into my mouth, and I did the same with mine. Man, she tasted good! I gently pushed __(F/n)__ onto her back and climbed on top of her. I trailed the kiss down her jaw line, the started kissing her neck. I found her sweet spot and earned a slight moan from __(F/n)__. I smirked and licks it. She moaned a little bit louder. 

    "B-Black*Star..." __(F/n)__ moaned. I sucked on her sweet spot, leaving a slight hickey. __(F/n)__ then grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled my face back up to level with hers. She kisses me roughly and wrapped her arms around my neck. She sat up, so did I. I pulled her into my lap, not breaking the kiss. She wrapped her legs around my waist and deepened the kiss. My hands were on her hips, sliding around her back so my arms were wrapping around her, holding her in place.

    Our make-out session went on for about three minutes, until we both heard a blood curling scream. We broke the kiss. __(F/n)__ ran o her window to check it out. I followed. There were about three kishin guys surrounding a little girl and a little boy. __(F/n)__ turned her arm into a katana and jumped out the window, slicing one of the kishin dudes in half as she landed.

~*~*~Normal POV~*~*~

    "You kids okay?" You asked the little boy and girl. They nodded slowly. You smirked and turned back to the two remaining kishin guys. They growled and snarled at you. You raised your katana arm and lunged at one of the demons. You swiped at it, but it blocked your attack and the other one punched you into the ground. You growled and shot right back up, kicking the kishin that injured. You wiped the small stream of blood that was trickling out of the corner of your mouth. You than jumped up and slashed at both of them. One of them dodged, then other one, you sliced in half. It turned to smoke like the other one did. 

    "Yay!! The nice sword lady's gonna save us!!" You heard the little kids cheer. You smirked and lunged at the kishin. It lunged at you, but it jumped over you and landed in front of the kids. Your eyes widened as the kids screamed in fear.

    "GET AWAY FROM THEM!!!!" You screamed. The kishin raised its' claws and swiped at the kids. But, instead of it hitting the kids, it slashed you across your stomach. You had jumped in front of the kishin to protect the kids. You stabbed it in the stomach. Your katana arm was still in the kishins' stomach. You swiped up and killed the damn thing. You grabbed all three kishin eggs and ate them. The the blood loss started to affect you. You felt dizzy....then....everything went black. 

   " __(F/N)__!!!!!!!!!" Black*Star shouted. You felt yourself fall back and then strong, warm arms catch you. passed out.

Yes! Got it done!! Here you go, My Little Pups!!
Your Nightmare:…
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